Using advanced formulas in your Google Sheets template




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    You mention to add a new sheet to the responses spreadsheet for the calculations, but shouldn't it be the invoice template where you add the calculations?

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    Form Publisher Team (Edited )

    Hi SensorsONE,

    You can either do your calculations on a separate sheet as explained from points 1 to 3, or calculate directly on the invoice template (see point 4.). Both will work! We have added this information on the article, thanks for your comment.

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    Randy Baril

    Is there a way to perform simple date calculations in a Google Doc?

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    Form Publisher Team

    Hi Randy Baril,

    Unfortunately, we did not find anyway to perform calculations in a Google Doc yet. We will continue to look for a solution and we'll keep you updated. 

    In the meantime let us know if you manage to pull this up!

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    Seiji Ohara

    Is there a way to have the calculations done outside Google Docs and then send the results back to Form-Publisher through some web response before the PDF is created?

    What we are trying to to do programmatically: automate formula creation, vlookup contents, personalized messages/results/conclusions for aggregated/anonymous data.

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    Form Publisher Team


    There is no way to get out of the Google Drive environment so (slide/sheet/doc) bfore the pdf creation, and the only type of file that allows formulas is Google Spreadsheet.

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