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    This seems a slightly cumbersome way of doing it. What prevents you creating 2 different outputs from a single form submission? My concern with the duplicated forms setup you describe is that with intensive use it has the potential to cause problems.

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    Steve McKenzie

    Hi there,

    We are a vacation rental management company and we'd like to be able to receive the guest responses to a form sent to them in two different templates.

    The first would be for the guest to sign upon arrival so it ideally would be in PDF.

    The second would be for administration records and would ideally be in Excel so we can copy and paste the guest data into a unique spreadsheet.

    Is there any way this is possible?

    I've been playing with this platform for hours and cannot seem to work out how a response to a form can be received in two different file types (e.g. one in excel for admin purposes and the second in PDF for printing and guest signing purposes).

    Maybe I'm missing something?



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    Hi Steve,

    Thanks for your comment!

    Did you check that your additional template was set up as a Google Sheet file as per your request? If so, once the user will fill out the form and the connected template will be triggered then the user will receive the specific file according to your set up. However, without a connected template, it is not possible for the user to receive different kinds of files for one single submission.

    Hope that helps

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