Approve or reject generated files with the Validation Workflow option




  • hi.

    great feature...


    i have a question....can i limit which one of the participants can approve or reject the form?

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    Form Publisher Team


    This is one of many feature that we will develop to follow this validation workflow. Unfortunately, we cannot give you a release date.

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    Alexis RANDO


    That's right, it's a very good feature.

    I'm also waiting for limit which one of the participants can approve or reject the form.

    Is there some news about the release date ?

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    Form Publisher Team


    I'm sorry to let you know that this feature will not be developed for the moment. 

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    Paulo Jinkins

    I need help fixing a bug:

    I just started using Form Publisher yesterday. Initially the Validate feature was working when I was testing the functionality. However, the Upload File section in the Publisher output PDF file was not showing an attached file, so I tried to edit that feature. In the process the Validate feature stopped working and did not send me an email asking me to Approve or Reject. 

    I couldn't figure it out so I created a new Google Form and tried it again, but I still didn't get the Validate email. I also tried uninstalling and reinstalling the Add-On, but that didn't work either.

    Please help!

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