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    Cecile Malaterre

    I have asked Google Form to automatically collect the respondent's email addresses in my form settings, but this marker doesn't appear in the list... I can't find the way to re-use the e-mail address in the template. Form publisher does not recognize the column title of this field neither.

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    TJ Williams

    In my spreadsheet I have a field for "e-mail" that shows the email address of the account that submitted the info.  Is there a marker for that to put it on the document created?

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    Cédric SANOU

    Very useful! thanks for your effort!

    But you should probably immobilize your side navigation section


    Because in case of long a article i have to scroll again to the top of the page to retrieve it and then choose the other section that interest me.

    Here is a screenshot of what i mean.

    (sorry for the bad english i use to talk french and i'm not very good in english)



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    Eshop (Edited )


    I have similar question like 2 people above. Is it possible to put in Form Publisher template some other hidden fields that are not directly in the Google Form - questionnaire?

    For example I would like to print on the label, that we create with Form Publisher, automatically generated Timestamp and Form Publisher Incerement. I tried to used columns headers fro mthe Google Sheet, but it does not recognize them as Markers.

    Thank you.


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    Form Publisher Team


    @Eshop & @Cecile Malaterre & @TJ Williams: You can use the <<Username>>, <<Increment>> and <<Timestamp>> marker as explained in this article and :

    @Cédric SANOU: Thanks for your feedback, we will try to improve this side navigation bar.


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