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    I've watched video and followed all of the steps.  It worked on a very brief test form that I created yesterday.  For some reason, it's not creating the final document for me today - really frustrated.

    When I click on the final step, the message "Your form is ready" does not appear.  It's just blank.  When I click on Form Publisher again, it shows that 0 forms have been created in the status.  I also can't figure out how to edit.  I selected the choice that should clear the settings in the extension but then I'm just stuck - no choices to edit, go back, etc.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.  I feel like I've done all other steps correctly - matched the form to a created Doc, step 2 shows that everything is matching, etc..... help.

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    Form Publisher Team

    Hi Blinky,

    Could you contact the support of the add-on at support@form-publisher.com ?

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    Paul Matsune (Edited )

    I've set my form to collect email addresses automatically for those who submit forms.  Is there a marker for the submitter's email that can be used in the template?


    Answered my own question... it's <<Username>> ....for those who might be wondering the same thing.


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