Insert images in your generated docs from photos uploaded via Google Forms




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    Lawrence Lin

    Hello, I've had issues where the image would suddenly disappear from the google sheet file I would export it into. The image would stay a day, and then the link would appear with this error. Is this a common error due to google servers generating new ID's for images everyday? 

  • Hi, I'm trying to use this useful functionality but it doesn't seems to work. The generated docs and PDF don't attach or insert any image or link to this. I've tried to use only one image per upload, restricting conditions (only images, name of document without spaces or special characters, max 1mb, etc) but something is wrong, but I don't know what

    There's some more info about configuration or how to follow errors or issues to make this possible? Thanks!

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    Mark Rohlfing

    experiencing the same failure on images... have double checked config and they're not flowing thru to document.

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    Noel Froise

    I'm also experiencing this problem!

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    Form Publisher Team


    Could you please contact so that we can help you fix your issue ? And if needed we will update the article.

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